08 December 2011

we're all in this together

You can really get through anything with people around supporting you.
For some reason, my swim coach for the high school team decided to put us in events we never swim - or better yet, have never swam - tonight at the meet. And it just happens that I got the 2nd and 3rd most miserable events, and 2 relays. The 200 IM and the 100 butterfly. First of all, I don't swim butterfly because of my rotator cuff issues. I don't swim more than a 25 without being in pain. And I didn't swim it at all last year. At all. And then the 200 IM. 8 laps of everything. Pretty ridiculous. Every turn is scrutinized, and there are more than 15 ways to screw it up and get disqualified. So I was super duper happy when I looked at the heat sheet. But the relays were relatively easy, so it balanced. Not really.
So I swam the 200 IM and I came in 4th from 12 people, which I suppose is satisfactory for never swimming it before.
But the 100 butterfly, even though it was half of what I just swam, I knew I was going to drown. I started calling it the 100 drown. You don't normally see "Swimmer Drowns at Swim Meet" in the headlines, but I was pretty sure that was going to happen. I am sort of physically unable to swim that stroke.
But all the senior girls were put in that event, and a bunch of people were videoing it so we can laugh about it at a later date. And since we are always the biggest team, we were in a heat by ourselves. And we looked around at each other and just laughed, because even though we could try as hard as we wanted to, sometimes there is only so much we can do. But knowing that we were all in it together (High School Musical reference!) and that we were all supporting each other no matter what. We were all out of our element, so no one was going to do well, but it was about trying something new and having everyone support everyone. And that's what teams are all about.

By the way: 5th of about 20 in butterfly.

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