26 January 2011

all you need is faith

Yes, I am alluding to a Beatles song.
Sometimes all we can do in times of troubles is to wait. Sometimes changing your perspective does not help, and sometimes being positive does not help your troubles dissapear.
A couple months ago when the miners were trapped underground in Chile, we just waited and prayed. We prayed that they would be able to be rescued some day. We prayed that no one would get hurt. And things got better. Every miner was safely resuced. Every single one.
And they waited too. They didn't sit there saying, well, it could be worse, or I'm lucky that I'm still alive. Because for most of them it probably couldn't get worse and they were not very lucky because they were trapped for months underground with no sunlight or natural earth. I mean, perhaps they were saying these things, but they probably did not make anyhting better.
One thing they did receive from the rescue teams through small holes were religious statuettes of saints and a crucfix. When they were not sleeping, eating, or passing the time with card games, they prayed. One miner led them in prayer. No one knows what they prayed about, but it was probably about hoping for their rescue.
And their prayers were answered. They were rescued.
Sometimes all you need is faith and hope that things will get better. The youngest miner who was trapped (age 19) said that "after the bad comes the good." And he is right. He never lost hope that he would be rescued, even though he was the age of a college freshman and was trapped more than 2,000 feet below the surface.
You don't have to face hardships like the miners did to gain faith. You choose to have faith or to cower in fear.

Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. And lo, no one was there.
Author Unknown

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