23 January 2011

[wo]man's best friend

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, we feel angry and mad at everyone. Sometimes we need a friend or someone to talk to. But sometimes, we don't want really have someone to talk to or someone to look at for support.
Today was sort of a drag, and I was angry today about a lot of things. But after lunch I was watching the cat (he has to be watched because he is still sick) and following him around the house so he wouldn't get into trouble. He started to climb up the stairs and play on them. He likes to bite them and scratch them and such. So I went to the top of the stairs.
I was sitting behind a wall, in a way where I could see him but he couldn't see me. And as soon as I did that, he scampered up the stairs and came up under my arm. He was purring really loudly too. He ran down the stairs really fast when I flinched, and then slowly cam back up. Then I started to play a game with him. He would hide behind the stair and look up to see if I was there, and then I would stick my hand out of the wall and he would come up a few steps.
Finally, he would come all the way up the stairs and "find me", and then we would do it again. It was not only the cutest thing in the world, but it was pretty fun too. Pets know when you are feeling lousy. And they know how to make it better.
Living with animals is actually good. Aside from their occasional incidents, they are pretty great. Pets make you feel less lonely. Because even if someone isn't around, at least you will have your little friend. And they give people a purpose, something to care for. Sometimes when you feel like you aren't loved or needed, you realize that your pet needs you to feed him, clean him, and love him. And cats, more specifically, lower your blood pressure. Pets in general make people feel more relaxed (unless of course you have an insane animal that is not trained and hurts people, in which case your blood pressure would probably be rather high). And there is something about petting an animal that makes us feel so happy. I know I love petting Shea. I guess people just like to touch things that are soft. It's scientific I'm sure.
Pets are actually used in medical fields too. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and even mini horses visit the mentally ill, the terminally ill, people with special needs, and nursing homes. Some animals even visit wounded troops in military hospitals. Horses are often used as physical therapy for people with muscular problems so they can learn balance and coordination. Dogs can be trained to help the blind as well; most everyone has heard of The Seeing Eye, an organization that trains dogs to work for blind people. Animals have proven to work wonders with sick people, so this is why thousands of animals "go to work" everyday.
Go give your pet a hug today (unless it is a fish, in which case you can hug the tank) to show him or her how much yo love them. They appreciate it too. And if you don't have a pet, this should have convinced you to get one. But stuffed animals work too.

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  1. sorry you were so sad yesterday morning....but glad that Shea was there for you (and you for him) :) he is a super sweet kitty!
    love,mom xoxo