25 January 2011

let go of your kites

Sometimes the only thing to do when you are frazzled, confused, and stressed is stop. A lot of times people think that when you are stressed you will be better off finishing everything you have to do and not stop. But what is the point in that? You will just be backlogged on sleep and still have things to do the next day. So there really is no point in overworking yourself when you are already stressed. It's like if you just broke your arm and still insisted on swimming in the meet. You'll get it all done, but you won't be able to swim in the next meet because you will be in worse shape than before.
When the world caves in and the elements tell us all sorts of things, sometimes we need to look inside ourselves for the answer. Perhaps to the oversoul. The oversoul is a Transcendentalist idea, which is why I include it in here. The oversoul is a spirit that is inside of you and it tells you to do all the good things you do in your life. The oversoul guides you through your life. This is almost identical to the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost) and God.
So whether you believe in a God, a pagan god, the Holy Spirit, or the oversoul (or something else, or no spirit/god at all), it's important to look inside yourself and find peace. This often conjures up the idea of meditation.
I'm not really talking about going to India and sitting completely still in an ashram, saying something like "hummm" over and over. I mean, you can do that too. But meditating is really just clearing your mind of everything you are worrying about. You may think it's hard to do, but once you get into a routine, it's easy.
It's almost like holding on to a bunch of different kites that you can't control. Each thought is a kite. And when you let one go, you feel more in control of your other kites, or other thoughts.
"I'm going to make a pop culture reference", as my AP Lang teacher says, about Spongebob. You can really apply him to a lot of things. So in one episode, Squidward wanted to impress his arch nemesis, Squilliam, by pretending that he owns a 5-star restaurant. So he asks Spongebob to become a really amazing waiter, and gives him a large manual and tells him to learn every word. So he does, and he starts going insane. Squidward starts freaking out because Squilliam will be arriving any minute and Spongebob is running around like a madman. So Squidward tells Spongebob to "empty his mind" of everything that doesn't have to do with "fine dining and eating". It goes into Spongebob's brain and it shows a bunch of mini-'bobs throwing away all extraneous thoughts. It worked, and Spongebob was as suave as ever. Until he realized he forgot his name and everything went crazy and Squidward was humiliated. Again.
But that's not how it works on land. Meditation always works if you do it right. And meditation does not have to be completely still. You don't have to sit on the floor and do nothing with your eyes closed for an hour. I meditate through swimming. I can't really hear anything when I swim, and the strokes' even rhythm are meditative. Maybe you find running or walking as meditative. But whatever makes your mind feel less overflowing will help you.
It's almost like cleaning out your folders for school. They literally break when they aren't emptied every once in a while. So empty your mind and let go of your kites.


  1. Meg~ you never cease to amaze me with your blogs. I know that things have been really rough (understatement!) lately and I am so proud of you for handling it so well~ think it may help me out too :)
    Love,mom xoxo

  2. Funny that you mention India and Kites in this post. Why? Because when I was in India I did a yoga workshop thingy (I was in India and figured why not) and we spent a 1/2 hour learning about the aom chant - it was actually kind of interesting.
    Then when Grandma and Grandpa were visiting me we went to a town which just happened to be having their annual kite festival. There were hundreds - if not thousands - of kites in the sky and it was aweseome.
    So I think that if I were to choose a way to un-stressify I would fly a kite (just one) rather than aom chanting.