29 January 2011

enjoy your sick day

What a wonderful day to enjoy outside. Unlike other parts of the country, at the end of January it is 65 degrees here and there literally are not any clods in the entire vastness of the sky. Perfection. But what I loved about today was its lazy and relaxing nature that just made life seem so wonderful. If it wasn't already.
My favorite kind of weather is when you are wearing a tank top and shorts and you walk outside feeling completely comfortable. You don't need a jacket, but you aren't getting ready to start shedding 90% of your body weight in sweat. That was what today was like. It was a little cold, but not if you were moving around.
I worked on my drawing for the Google contest a little, then when I felt like it I went outside and walked around, went on the trampoline, gazed at the sky, felt the warm breeze gently graze over my skin. What a completely blissful day.
I liked it because there was no schedule, no things that had to be done. Actually, there were many things that had to be done, like reading for anatomy (gotta learn the endocrine system), reading 14 chapters in Huckleberry Finn, and doing some obscure assignment for French. But I wasn't thinking about those things at all. All of my stresses were taken away by the sweet rhythms of the breeze. I was already coming down with spring fever.
It was now that I realized how sick I was of winter. And it had really only been going on for 3 months, while in Massachusetts where the rest of my family is (and Chicago and Minnesota, and other northern places) winter started when the calender hit October 1. Even earlier. Like mid-September. And it goes on well through March. I can remember Easters in April where we are freezing waiting to get into church because it's 20 degrees outside. Fun times.
I guess the south has spoiled me with this nice weather. So after a couple days (or a week) worth of snow I am done with winter. Until our northern winter - summer - begins. Probably in Mach and ending in October.
Anyways, today was a sick day, if you will. A spring fever sick day. I enjoyed the day as it lazily chugged on and as the sun passively floated above my head. All I need was a hammock, a ukulele, and some Jack Johnson and the ambiance would be perfect. It was either way.
When spring starts to emerge where you live, enjoy it. Take a sick day. And enjoy it. Because after winter comes spring, which is the rebirth of everything. I almost think New Years should be in the spring. It makes a lot more sense that way. But I'm not on that committee.
Days like these only come a few times. Those quintessential perfect days when everything goes right must be celebrated. We have to withdraw and enjoy the world in its natural beauty every once in a while, especially on days like this.
Grab that ukulele, kick back in your hammock, call in sick - and enjoy your day.

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