12 January 2011

my vacation scrapbook called "life"

Here is a question, and it's not a trick. Guess where I won't be going tomorrow?If you said school, you would be correct! Your prize is getting to read my blog!
Today when I woke up, my mom suggested that we do something with our lives instead of sledding and walking around doing nothing very productive. I mean one snow day is nice, and so is another, but after three and now four (I doubt we're going Friday, and we have Monday off for MLK day; when do we go to school?) days off, it gets a little old.
It was a somewhat poignant sentence. Thinking that I've lived the past few days not really doing anything. Looking back and not remembering doing anything very significant.
Today we went and risked our lives driving across town in what should have taken 15 minutes. It took double that. But we made it, even with a few ice scares, beeping cars and flashing headlights. Imagine if we actually hydroplaned. Yikes.
We went across town not only to search for food in the almost empty grocery stores (it's on CNN; it's that bad) but to paint. We go to this art studio every so often and paint. It's quite a place. We know the owner and we are frequent customers, so we popped in while she was having a snow day painting class. It was a change from the same-old sit in the house, put on the snow pants and sled, then come home and play the fiddle. It was fun and memorable. I'll always remember this day - the painting I did, how peaceful it was, the ice on the road and how it almost killed us.
Think about it like this. If you go on vacation and you are only there for a couple days, you try and fit as many activities in as you can. You make the most of your time. You use every moment and make it count. But in our own lives, not many people will care to make sure that every minute counts.
Perhaps it's because we know that we won't be returning to our vacation oasis - for a while, at least. Maybe it's because we know our time there is short. But look around people - this place isn't forever. So pretend your life is a vacation and make every moment in your paradise count.
You can also look at life as a scrapbook. When you go on vacation and make a scrapbook about it, you have oodles of things to write about and you have dozens of pictures to fill it with. When is the last time you sat down and wrote about your day? For me it was today, the day before that, and the day before that, but that's because I blog (whether you read it or not..). And when was the last time you took a picture of your family? Probably last Christmas or on Halloween when you were dressed like the bride of Frankenstein.
People often feel the same way about life as they do about high school. A means to an end. Every event leads to another, which leads to another and another. Then you reach a goal. Then it starts all over. On vacation, it's about enjoying each minute. No goals, no pressures (well, it really all depends).
Maybe we should all just sit back and enjoy the view from the kitchen sink, the office desk, or the driver's seat. With enough positive energy, you can make these places your own beach chair.


  1. I remember in college once we had classes cancelled for a week because of ice. The first few days were awesome but then it got kinda boring because classes had just started up again so we had nothing really to do. Glad you were able to do something productive today.
    Still no real snow in DC...just lots of dire predictions where people buy out the grocery stores - and then the snow misses us completely.
    -Aunt Alison

  2. Amie j' adore ton blog. Il a ouvert mes yeux