03 January 2011

Beethoven's 5th

Sometimes if you want to bring a new sort of enthusiasm into your life, you have to shake it up.
'Cause if you sit in your kitchen, play on your iPad all day and eat Toy Story macaroni and cheese (actually, sometimes it's Spongebob or Scooby Doo - on rare occasions it's Pokemon) for every meal, you'll fall into a hole. This hole is dark, depressing, and boring. And its hard to escape from. I guess all holes are hard to escape from. Depending on their depth.
Today I went with some friends to a Mexican restaurant. I never go to Mexican restaurants. Actually, when my parents went there and liked it, I thought they'd lost their marbles. My friend encouraged me to go, and for the first time in forever, I went to a Mexican restaurant (except for the time I went to Taco Bell on a school trip, against my will. Never again.).
And guess what?
I liked it. I loved it. The food was incredible. Everything was so good. The food just melted in my mouth and my taste buds were dancing and singing all at once with passion and zest - Beethoven's 5th Symphony!
This simple meal that I found as I ventured outside of the pond pulled me out of that hole. It made me feel dynamic and exciting, even though I just ate at a Mexican restaurant. but whatever it is - whether you eat at a different restaurant like adventurous little me, or you go someplace you've never been to before.
Once you see the life outside of the hole, you won't want to jump back into the hole.

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  1. Hey Meg~ am loving that you have a new blog....quite enjoy the simplicity and depth of it all as well (quite transendentalist I must say). keep up the fab work!
    ps. I will forward to others so that they may enjoy as well.
    love,mom xoxo