15 January 2011

stop to smell the roses (or the dead grass)

The great thing about families is that they are always there all the time. The bad thing about families is that they are always there all the time. Sometimes, when you are confined to a space with the same people for a week in the snow and ice, you get a teensy bit bothered by their existence come the sixth day. Luckily only 2 more days until we resume our lives again.
I think today was just a very "you are getting on my nerves" day (this is an understatement). I guess that this will blow over once school starts again. Phew.
Anyways, this morning was a great start to the day because I finally went to swim practice - the first time in two weeks. It was great, as I once alluded to in one of my previous posts (ha! There's more of this alliteration you've been craving all day!). After that, we went to the bead store and we saw some neighbors making necklaces. That's what's nice about bead stores - everyone knows each other and if it's your first time in a bead store they welcome you into the family. It's called crafter's hospitality.
Interspersed throughout the day were some tiffs, to say the least. But what happens is families get a little anxious when they are stuck with each other for long periods of time, like this week, and their patience wires just short circuit. Everyone just has times when they fight. Come on, we're human.
But one thing that really takes the edge off is getting out of the house. I mean, running away and never coming back is a little extreme, but I mean getting outside in the fresh air. Going outside has a lot of benefits, like the fact that you are cleaning your body and your lung with fresh air instead of the stuffy air in your house. Also, the air is filled with fresh oxygen (not that your house isn't and you live in a vacuum, but, just saying) that helps re-oxygenate your brain, especially if you are walking or running. This can make your mind feel refreshed too. The atmosphere itself is a plus too. I mean who doesn't like to look at trees, flowers, shrubs, and all sorts of natural flora (including dead grass)?
And, if you are moving around outside, as in taking a walk, you get your heart and limbs moving, which makes joints feel more flexible and your heart pump blood to more parts of your body, which can help people with circulation problems.
After I played basketball outside for a while and after I walked around, I felt a lot better. I even found a special spot outside that I like to go to when I want to relax. Whether you are sitting or running, in the rain or when it's sunny, being outside is great - even when all you have to look at is dead grass.
So every once in a while, when life's got you down and things aren't working out, stop to smell the roses - or the dead grass.

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