17 January 2011

dance like a freak

Today, I am going to do something a little different. I was feeling particularly uninspired about this post, so I am going to touch on something I once did in an art journal.
Get ready for a tangent: I'm a particularly artsy person. I don't just like art, I absolutely love it. If I could spend all day painting I would. But I also like the artistic mindset and way of life. I like visual arts, auditory arts, and physical arts, like sports and dancing and stuff. I have this artistic little mind and I don't like any rules or guidelines. Unconventional thinking, you could say. So I take a lot of art classes at school. And we have to do these things called visual verbal journals. It's like a big messy book filled with artsy creativity and thoughtful words. Sometimes it's a burden and I can't think of any ideas, but sometimes I really hit a spark and I bang out this killer page. I have three journals in all, and they are among my prized possessions. My second one, and probably the best, collectively (and this is because my first one was lame because I didn't know what I was doing and the third one I ran out of ideas for; the second one has the perfect balance of art and expression), has a special page in it. The theme is happiness.
Visually, it is pretty simple. It has a big flower I made with sharpies of all colors in the middle, and two smaller flowers. And all around, flowing in all directions, are things that make me happy. My little catch phrase here is "happiness is in the little things". Which is true. When you think of it, your life is made up of little things. Links that make up a big chain. Feathers that make up one peacock. So if those things aren't happy, what is? Taken from the list are the following: Kayaking in the ocean; donuts; postcards from relatives; Christmas caroling; splatter painting; whale watching; funny movies; walks on the beach; cousins; small towns; old libraries; mini-golfing; ice cream sundaes; singing in the rain; dancing like a freak (this one I just added); swimming; egg hunts on Easter; Spongebob macaroni and cheese; lying in the snow at night; cookouts with friends; bike riding; fuzzy socks; laughing until it hurts; home videos; slip and slides on hot days; boats; art; family; friends; the gift of life.
Can I really explain why lying in the snow is so fun? Why doesn't lying in my bed watching the snow fall bring me as much joy? Why is whipping paint at a surface so much fun? Why are sugar-filled donuts just so amazing?
It's because of the memories that come from these unique moments. What do I think of when I think of donuts? I think of Dunkin Donuts and all of my memories at home in Boston in the summer. These things make me think of the times when I would go outside with my dad on the first night of snowfall in Peabody. These things make me think of the times me and my best friend made stupid videos together and laughed about them for hours.
These very things, those things that sometimes you don't notice, are the things that truly make your life. When you go back and think through your life, you won't be worrying about what house you owned, what your credit score was when you were 40, or how many AP classes you took in high school. You will remember these things. And in these things we find true happiness.
So go ahead. Eat your donuts. Sing in the rain. Dance like a freak.

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  1. I'm glad that postcards from relatives make you happy...I always wonder when I send them if people love them as much as I do! That makes me want to go somewhere again so I'll have a reason to send you a postcard :)