06 May 2011

the big kahuna: a finished chapter

Well, here it is. Another day in history - literally - come and gone. Today was the AP test for US history, and now we are officially done, except for a project later on.
Anyway, lately I have been feeling pretty unlucky. Nothing seems to go right, and I was really hoping to get further in the drawing contest to win a scholarship. But no.
But today, something sensational happened.
So I was taking the AP test - duh. And we had just finished the multiple choice section of 80 questions. And then we got a 5 minute break in which everyone chatted ferociously about the questions: "ok, that question about so-and-so, whad'ya put?" We were like animals.
Eventually we had to start the grueling 2 hour long essay time. 3 essays, 2 hours. Blehck. The DBQ (document based question; like a research paper with a question and the sources given to you) is first, and we usually have 45 minutes. We are always dying to know what the topic is. And since it's the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War I thought the Civil War would be a good topic for the DBQ. But the College Board wanted to give us a hard time, and for the first time in history (ha ha), the DBQ was on the 1960s and 1970s. They have never gone passed the fifties, I believe. But there's a first for everything, right?
Lat night while I was studying I was watching those presidents videos. And one of the last ones I watched was Richard Nixon. And guess what? It had to do with Nixon. I was so utterly happy. And i nailed it.

So when it really matters, sometimes we can luck out. And that's when we are most happy.

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