09 May 2011

shakespeare friends


Today's been a bad day too.

This week I have 4 standardized tests, and tomorrow is the infamous four and a half hour long French exam. And the next day I have the AP lang exam. And the next day I have a Georgia standardized test that all students must take.

I wish I was an exuberant and happy ball of sunshine and rainbows, but only storm clouds lurk right now.

Today as I checked my email for the fourteenth time today I got one from my aunt. She doesn't email me often, but she had a special request. She knew a girl who was reading Julius Caesar and she wanted to show her my JC comic.

You see, sometimes when I read Shakespeare plays, I make comics for them. I've made one for Julius Caesar and I've made one for Macbeth. Except it's not done yet. It probably won't be. But my Caesar one is pretty good, and it helped me study for the test. I got a 96!

Anyway, it took all of one weekend, and I worked for about 10 hours each day. But then it was finished and a masterpiece was born. Here are some pictures of it:

I really was proud of it. And sometimes when you're down, things you are proud of can make you feel a new sense of meaningfulness.

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