14 May 2011

holidays are life's little pleasures

First I want to start with a happy birthday for my mom! And it was a really nice day and we had all sorts of fun.
Last night we went out to dinner for her birthday and we also went to the AT&T store to get her an iPhone 4! We are progressing technologically! Me and my siblings divided up who was going to do what: I to teach her email and Twitter, my sister did general settings, texting, and the phone, and my brother got apps. We should work at the Apple store in the mall.
So today after we went to my brother's soccer game (which is actually a lot of fun), we came home and had a great dinner and had a lot of fun. But the thing is, we didn't do anything really extravagant, but it was still really fun. And we were all having a fun time and we were all together, which is hard because we are so busy and my dad travels.
Holidays and birthdays are there for us to sit back and enjoy. They are excuses to stop working and have some fun. So enjoy your next holiday or birthday and remember to let the good times roll!

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