13 May 2011


The following post was written on May 12:
Even when sometimes I can’t find anything to write about, I always seem to find something to write about. It’s one of my worries – will I have anything to say today? I read a book once and the husband told the wife that he was afraid they would run out of things to talk about. But after about 20 years, they never did.
I was logging onto my computer when I saw a very sad article about a young sports reporter who recently died in Atlanta today of unknown causes. I always hate when really promising individuals have their lives cut too short. It makes it even sadder when you hear about their families and how many kids they had.
One of the comments after the article said: tomorrow is not promised. Tell your loved ones you love them every day.
Sometimes we don’t always love our loved ones. Sometimes they really get on our nerves and they might do things that bother us a lot. But at the end of the day, what if we can’t get them back? What if we didn’t have the reassurance of knowing that they would be there when the next day started?
I think we forget about that. We just think that the next day will be better, and most often it is. But what if tomorrow does not come? That’s a little morbid but the thing is, it’s true. It goes hand-in-hand with living life to the fullest. Look at each day as reconciliation. Forgetting and recognizing the things you did wrong and then moving on. We will often get mad about stupid things and end the night with slamming doors.
Remember that we are here for a short while and we must keep our relationships alive by forgiving and giving people another chance.

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