27 May 2011

stop this train

Today was the day. The last day of school. It really doesn't feel like summer though, which is what everyone says. The thing is, I have only 1 year left of mandatory education, and that really scares me.
But first I have 2 little stories. First, this girl I hate made THE SAME French food I made but mine was at least seven times better and I had pictures, a poster, and recipe cards that were cute and not in Calibri font. I mean, come on. It's the Times New Roman of Microsoft Word 2007. Can we try a little harder. I, on the other hand used MV Boli, which is more sophisticated and fun. I can't stand people who use Times New Roman or any of the Arial fonts (Bold, Extra Bold, Narrow) or something else stupid. It's a bad scene.
Then in history my presentation was the only one with extra artifacts used to enhance the presentation. And my teacher was so engaged and excited and I just knew I nailed it.
But then tonight of course was graduation. No word can be more bittersweet. I went with my friends. And I knew it was sad the seniors were leaving, and I was really sad that some of my friends were leaving. But it wasn't until they tossed up their caps that everything became real. As if no other part of the ceremony mattered but that part. I froze when I saw them, because I have seen it hundreds of times in movies, but never in real life to people that I knew. And that was the start of my senior year. I can't even believe I wrote that because it feels so weird.
I'll tell you the truth, I really don't want to be a senior. I just want to be a kid and have fun and not worry about tests and college. My life sort of reminds me of a John Mayer song called Stop this Train about not growing up.
Growing up is really rough, not going to lie.
The valedictorian, a girl from my French class, talked about remembering the old things, like keeping them in a box, but the box is always with you. We might not be able to stop the train but we can still keep the ticket.

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  1. Meg~ if you think you're freaking out about being a senior now ~ trust me, I am freaking out more that I have a kid old enough to now BE a senior. Woah there, as you would say! I am super proud of all that you have done this year and think next year will be hard, no doubt, in many facets, but a great one as well. You have amazing friends to go on this journey with you.
    Love, mom xoxo