26 May 2011

je m'en fous

Dear readers, how have you been? Personally I am a little bit over the edge and who knows what tomorrow will bring. After I went to get ice cream - again - with some friends, I came home and we started project: make-some-obscure-French-food-for-school. It's inevitable that at least once in your high school French career you will have to make some food item, and me, being the talented chef that I am (I've mastered toast and blended drinks), shy away from cooking. I have only done it twice including this time - once was freshman year, but my partner's psycho mom did it while we stood and watched. Good times in French.
You either have to cook things or make stupid pointless video projects. I've had my fair share of both, but today I had to make clafoutis aux framboises et chocolat (chocolate and raspberry clafoutis, which is like a custard cake thing). And we had to take pictures in between each one and now I've wasted pages of photo paper and ridiculous amounts of precious ink - the printer's gold. It's ridiculous. What happened to taking tests on finals day?
Well, I'm a little bit late for a meeting with my bed, so I'll post something much more riveting tomorrow. i apologize for my lameness.
By the way, tomorrow is graduation, which I'm going to if it doesn't rain. It will prepare me for the absolute ridiculousness that next year will bring.

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