23 May 2011


First, I want to acknowledge my sister's birthday! She turned 14 today and even though we didn't celebrate it today, we will this weekend when school gets out.
We finally finished watching John Adams today - he died - and John was not the only one to go - him and Tom Jefferson died the same day, fifty days after the signing of the Declaration, Abigail (the wife) died from typhoid fever, and Abigail (the daughter) died from breast cancer, and if I was the director I would have left the surgery scene up to the imagination. But I don't write the 7 part documentary.
It was an emotional day in history, to say the least. I never like those kinds of movies, especially since we've known John Adams for like, 5 hours now. And we've known everything there is to know. And then you see them get all old and stuff and it just makes me sad.
It just makes me want to make the most of it now, while we have it.
On Friday the seniors graduate, and then we become seniors for a short ten months. Then we leave. Ten months might seem like a lot. It's not.
But we still have tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
Everything eventually ends. But if things didn't end, new things couldn't happen. We've got to enjoy all of the things we get - and if not enjoy, then at least understand why we are faced with a hardship.
Cherish the old, but embrace the new. Don't forget where you came from, but don't lose sight of where you're going.

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