22 May 2011

separate spheres

I've still been working on my history project and I have actually just finished. All I need now is to print it out and make it look all fancy and stuff.
The last part I did was the analysis. I had to talk about the differences between my teenage life and my grandpa's teenage life. It sounds like a horrible bore. And it may seem dry. But it's not, because if you think about it, both of them were great ways to live.
My life might seem easier. And I guess it probably is. I have everything made for me and I really don't have to work hard to get things that I want. It makes life seem like a breeze. I get up in the morning and I assume that bread is in the pantry so I can make myself some toast, just as I assume orange juice, cinnamon sugar, and butter are there. And then when I finish, I don't think twice about my mom driving me to school, or about getting home from school in the afternoon on the bus (or sometimes, my mom or dad picking me up). The same for sports and other activities that I might decide to do one day.
Back then, I would have walked to school, no matter what the weather was. And depending on how busy my mom and dad were, if they had a car, they could drive me places. And if bread and butter and all my other commodities were not there, then I would have to do without.
I'm glad that these things came to mind when I was typing. But al lot of people don't realize these things. We always say that old people should learn to adapt to our way of life, but maybe we could adopt some of the things they do into our culture today.

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