19 May 2011

the epiphany, part 2

I've been thinking about my "quest" for happiness. The word itself implies that I am on some grand and long journey to find some nirvana at the top of a mountain. But sometimes what we find at the top of the mountain is not even close to what we find when we are getting to the mountain. And I have realized that there is no mountain in my journey. The quest is solely itself. There is no prize at the end, other than the culmination of a broader wisdom.
After I finish this, I will take with me the memories of this experience as well as the things I wrote about - the connection I made with myself. But at the end, it will be the end. Journeys of self-discovery yield benefits immediately.
So I guess the name of my blog is somewhat of a misnomer. But that' what quests are about, too; changing your initial views of something. Otherwise, it would not be a quest.

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