31 May 2011

don't turn back, just keep going

I can't believe how many people create blogs just to provide an outlet for all of their thoughts about their lives. Nothing really goes on in their lives, but they just feel the need to pour every thought into the vast void called cyberspace. I hope I am not among them.
I did, however, see in someone's blog something interesting. It said: Everything will turn our good in the end. If things aren't good now, than it's not the end. It's an interesting way of looking at life.
I come here to you tonight to deliver you the list of blogs that have made it past the first level: the ones that I put enough effort and thought into to actually make them count. There are two levels of blog posts: the ones where I say at 11:48pm "Oh crap, I forgot that after I finish my French project and my anatomy cram studying for my respiratory system test and practical, I need to blog. I'll just write down something. It's not going to be great, but whatever." Then there are the "oh my God, this was a life-changing day and I can blog about this!" The latter are more rare.
Nevertheless, here is the list:
beauty is in the eye of the beholder ~ to my mom ~ finding the cure ~ reconciliation ~ the great worldly epidemic ~ large-scale oxford ~ right now ~ nothing into something ~ outsmart yourself
I always try to make my posts valuable to the reader, but sometimes it's a little hard. And sometimes I wish I spent more time writing and revising. The truth is, I never revise anything. Well, spell checking doesn't count. I mean, I don't do rough drafts or any of this "prewriting" foolishness. You think mathematicians sit down and make "sloppy copies" of their problems first? No, they just do the problems. Real writers write from the heart. And hearts don't stop to revise and think "well, I think my left ventricle could have done a little better closing that valve." So I guess my little lesson for the day is have no regrets. Do everything you do with affirmation and believe in what you do.

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