01 June 2011

utter bliss

Summer has finally come. In fact, CNN has an article to prove it: "100+ degrees in Georgia". As if this was news.
All of these memories of summer just come back when school is over: the smell of the chlorine on your skin, the fact that your face is clear and in great shape, the fact that you're tan and not pasty, hearing the same six songs being played on loop at the pool, and seeing all the tennis moms not sweating while they're playing tennis in the 100+ heat that we have here in Georgia.
It's that wonderful laid-back lifestyle, that "well, it didn't happen today,but it can happen tomorrow" attitude. Even with summer reading - you have until the first day of school. That's it. It's really not a very rough life.
This may seem a little shallow, but I'm liking this "whatever" attitude. It's pretty great after a really exhausting year.
But don't worry, I still have things to do. SAT subject tests coming on Saturday!

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