08 June 2011

the ultimate

I just read the most inspirational blog ever.
You really should read some of it, and luckily I have posted a link to it right about here. It's a blog written by a girl who is around my age, which is interesting because that's like me. And ironically, she is writing about a bucket list that she has too (funny because I just wrote about bucket lists!).
The difference between us is that she has terminal cancer and she's not sure how much longer she will be here.
But she is blogging and writing uplifting things and barely focusing on her sickness. Reading it makes me feel horrible for ever thinking my life is really hard. My life's not hard. Sometimes there are struggles, but my life really isn't that hard.
Some of the things on this girl's list are things she can't do, like become a dolphin trainer and go to Kenya, but some of them are things she can do. Here are some of her things: entering her dog in a dog show, have a private party at the movies with her best friends, go whale watching, have a purple iPad, swim with sharks, and have everyone sign up to be a bone marrow donor.
Just think if you had one day left; what would you do on that day? Who would you spend it with? What would you do to make it the best day ever?
That's the attitude behind this girl's blog. And the only thing you can feel from her, even though she has terminal cancer, is that she is going to do the things on her bucket list.
And even more special, the things that people are doing to make sure those things get fulfilled. Anonymous comments that tell her that they have called their friends who know people who can coordinate some of her wishes. People who have pledged to donate bone marrow. People have even shared email correspondences from people showing that they can make her bucket list items happen.
Now that is the ultimate bucket list. I hope that she can check everything off of her list.

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