07 June 2011

it's all in the bucket

As you know, my Sunday mornings go something like this: stroll out of bed and fumble down the stairs, remember that it's Sunday, and immediately walk over to find Parade. Usually it's not that interesting, so I don't know why I read it. But I do, and there was a feature in there about bucket lists.
And in case you're not as trendy as me and you don't know what a bucket list is (I actually just found out because that is how hip I am), it's a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket (HA! isn't that the best pun you have ever heard?). I compiled my own list. This is actually from a little while ago, with a few things infused from my improvisational mind. Well here goes:

  1. Go traveling to at least one country from each continent - So far, I've done North America and Europe. I am also thinking about doing an expedition to Antarctica for a little science research, if I go on the biology path in college. But I also plan on traveling a lot anyways.

  2. Learn a new language - I already know English and French, but I want to learn another; perhaps Italian, German, Dutch, or Swahili.

  3. Become a National Geographic photographer - and travel the world taking pictures! What's better than that?

  4. Buy a kayak - and then sail around obscure places in my little kayak while listening to hippie music.

  5. Design my own house - I'm no Martha Stewart, but I do watch a fair amount of HGTV so I could design something rather smashing and then live in it.

  6. Write a bill/go to Congress with an issue - probably something hunger-related or animal rights-related.

  7. Go on a pilgrammage - I don't know where and to what extent, but it will be done.

  8. Work for Pixar - I don't think there's a Pixar movie I haven't seen, including the short films.

  9. See the Northern Lights - and get some really amazing pictures of them. I'll be bringing at least 2 memory cards up to the poles.

  10. Join the Peace Corps, Teach for America, or something of that nature - and come back completely transformed.

  11. Buy a house in Nahant, MA or Cape Cod or Nantucket - Yeah, that's the life.

  12. Teach someone - whether it's a teacher in another country or just showing someone the way.

  13. Learn how to play piano and guitar - and other instruments so I can really be the well-rounded entertainer at parties.

  14. Go to a Red Sox vs. Yankees game - and watch the Yankees get pummeled by my Sox.
And that my friends is my bucket list. What's yours? Think abou the things that you really want to do and do them.
By the way, sorry if the spell checker doesn't fix problems involving the U key. I might need that key looked at because it usually doesn't work.
And also, according to Urban Dictionary, "bucket list" comes from "kick the bucket", so my pun is really much more underwhelming than you think.

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  1. I think I like #14 the best :). I've been lucky enough to have experienced that twice!