06 June 2011

physics works for people too

This entire post just deleted itself. Life is really great. So here is the post, typed out for a second time.
I was logging into Blogger when I saw something that caught my eye: the Bowls Half Full campaign logo. I realized I haven't been paying much attention to WFP news or really any of that news for the matter because I have been too busy doing, well, school and tests. But now that school is over I can focus on it again.
So I have shown you the part about donating your money. But are there other ways to get involved? Of course. You knew that was coming. What if I said "no". Then the post would just be over. But no I have more things to tell you!
Hungerfast.org is a wonderful organization of people that are dedicated to fasting and prayer to help raise awareness. It was started by a guy, Tony Hall, who was a congressman that did not believe the government should make such heavy budget cuts to humanitarian organizations trying to help hungry people here and abroad. He fasted for 22 days.
That's almost a month.
But the interesting thing about this is that it works on a personal level; it helps build empathy through first-hand experience, something that watching poverty on TV can't do.
I challenge you to try what they are doing - but you don't have to be as extreme at Congressman Hall. You can give up a meal a day, a meal a week, or even spend as little as $2 less on your food per day or week. It can make you think twice about how much you have.
Netwon's third law of motion was that every action creates an equal reaction. If you act, you can cause a reaction in Congress, in the country, and in the world. Physics can apply to people too.

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