13 June 2011

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I follow Life is Good (@LifeisGood, for you fellow tweeters) on Twitter. Practically everything they tweet is retweetable. But today I found a really swell tweet from them, so here it goes: Humor is the shock absorber on the road of life.
Isn't that utterly wonderful? I think it is. And it is so utterly true.
When you think about it, the thing that usually gets us out of a sad and depressed state is something funny. Well, maybe not something funny, but something a little humorous. Whether it's a sardonic poem that might be "hysterical" or a mindless episode of Spongebob, humor is a wonderful thing.
Obviously it makes you feel good because of the chemicals it releases. But humor also encourages you to be with other people; normally people don't just sit in a corner and watch a comedy movie - they'll invite their friends. And who doesn't like to tell a funny story? Laughing brings people together. And unfortunately so does sadness.
But anyway, it also makes things seem not as bad as they are, or might seem at the time. It forces you to laugh, which makes you loosen up and forget about your problems, at least for a little while.
Whenever I'm sad, watching a funny movie or a funny show makes me feel better immediately. Better than any medicine.

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