03 June 2011

so much for surprises

Today is one of those says when I come to you without anything to write. I have not a topic to focus on, or an inspiration for the night.
I did however go out to dinner with my friends for my other friend's surprise birthday party. The thing is, the person who we were throwing the party for didn't come because he was sick. And unfortunately my brother is sick too. I guess this climate change thing doesn't go over well with some folks.
We were at probably my favorite restaurant ever though, so it was fine. We actually had a really fun time even though no one was there to actually have a party for anyone.
So I guess sometimes things don't work out, but I guess it's not all that bad.
Tomorrow I have the SAT subject tests, which is always a fun time, and I have to make sure I get really good scores so I can win at life. But for right now, I'm going to review so molecular biology while you read my senseless blog. Again, I apologize for the lameness. However, I do have a special surprise that I will unveil at the 165th blog post - only 200 left until the finish!

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