21 June 2011

come back soon

I'm going to apologize for the lameness of this post right now. I really am fresh out of ideas. Yet the good part is that tomorrow will be the last post in the country for a few weeks because I will be venturing elsewhere! And then I can write about things that are vastly more interesting than "today I went to Target with my mommy".
And actually, today, me and my mommy went to Target yet again because (1) we love Target, and (2) because Target is a great place to waste time. We actually forgot some things for my trip so we had to go back. And we even went back to the camera section so I could show my mom the camera I liked, and the same guy from yesterday (the one who tracked down my siblings and found my money) was there. It was pretty embarrassing. He was probably worried about our family.
Well, I really am drained of all creative thoughts, so I apologize. But starting Thursday, I will have exciting things to report. By the way, you can check this blog as well as my other one. Warning to all: I might not be able to blog every day. I hope so, but if not, I will post things after my trip. Sorry, for both the potential bloglessness and the lameness of today's post.
Come back soon!

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