12 June 2011

two homes

One of the nice benefits to having Facebook is that you can market yourself and what you do, like if you are a businessperson or a blogger. So every night after blogging I post my post to my wall so that people can read it. Hopefully they do, but hey it's cool if they don't. This is really for me, I don't really blog for any specific person.
So when I was on Facebook tonight, I saw a comment from my friend that said she was glad to be home, and I'm assuming it's from vacation. And it got me thinking about the idea of home. Everyone always says that home is where the heart is; where you come back to when you are done exploring the world, where you come when you need a home-cooked meal or a boost of spirits. It's the place that keeps you grounded.
My home is Massachusetts, and it always will be. It's where everything is. And five years ago, I never accepted this as a home. We would go back to our house, but it wasn't home. But gradually, it became home. And the cool thing is, sometimes I like this home more than the other one, and sometimes I like my original home more than here. But I still have both of them, and I still connect just as much to both of them. And not a lot of people can say they have so many places that are so familiar to them. It makes the world seem smaller when you have two places to retreat to that feel equally as cozy.
Before we moved here I really didn't want to come here. The first two years we were here, even though I slowly started to like it, I wanted to move back. But now I like it here, and I have two homes. Which is really cool. I'm luckier than a lot of people who say that they don't have a real place they call home.
Also, I said that on the 165th post I would give you a small surprise. Well, I decided that I was going to miss blogging after this "project" was finished, and I decided I don't have to stop. I am going to stop this blog when the time comes, because one, a writer, like an artist, knows when to stop, and two, because the best things in life are things that are fleeting and going to part soon. If things were always going to be there, we wouldn't love them as much.
But, what is going to happen is a new blog. I already created it, but you can't see it yet. Sorry. It is going to be a blog about stories and inspiration, almost like this but taking it in a new direction. I can't just do the same thing all the time. It's going to start sometime in the future (obviously, it can't really start sometime in the past), and it will be the first blog in which I don't post every day. It's going to be light and sparing; I'll post every Wednesday night (here's why: every other day is taken - Monday is the first day of the week, and my inspiration will really mean nothing to people who are grumpy at the start of the week; Tuesday just soaks up the extra glum from Monday; Thursday is too close to Friday; Friday is Friday, so everyone who has a life will ignore my post; Saturday is the weekend, and weekends are off-limits, which also kicks out Sunday. So there you have it.). Plus people can use a pick-me-up on Wednesdays, right in the middle of the week.
So stay on the lookout for details about blog project number three!

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