22 June 2011

the donut man

Today I have a short story about a man who gave me a donut. And it's a pretty simple story, but nevertheless a story.
So me and my mom were going to the audiologist to pick up my custom ear plugs and figure out how to get them into my ear. So once we figured those out and I put them in and out of my ears about 5 times, we went to CVS to get a prescription. And it just so happens that a Dunkin Donuts is about 4 stores down from this CVS. So after we got what we needed to get there, we walked over to Dunkins.
This jolly man took our order, and all I really wanted was a chocolate glazed donut. And then he said, "oh, don't worry about it. You can just have it." and then he smiled as we pranced away.
The donut only cost 50 cents, but saving money wasn't the reason it made me so overjoyed. I not only got a donut, but a free donut! It was the generosity of the donut man that made me so happy. He was willing to let me have something for free just because I was me. What a guy.
Donuts make me happy. So do generous donut venders.

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