14 June 2011


Yet another post dedicated to the magic that Twitter can work..
A lot of times on Twitter, other than my tweets from the World Food Programme and Teach for America, which are all about saving the world, there are gossipy things and trending topics about celebrities, movies, and other trivial things. Nothing in mainstream twitter is really important or meaningful, save a few hashtags, i.e. #prayforjapan, but today I found another exception:
Then you fill in the implied blank.
SO I found a few good ones that I want to share with you. They are not directly referenced to the twitter account from which they came, and some are paraphrased, and preceding the ". . ." is the hashtag #imhappiestwhen.

. . . I can enjoy people's company and everyone is laughing and having a good time.

. . . I get to eat ice cream.

. . . my parents are proud of me.

. . . I've accomplished a goal by working hard.

. . . I am around my friends.

. . . I travel somewhere new.

. . . I know that everyone I love is happy.

. . . The weather is beautiful.

. . . My kids do something selfless for someone else.

. . . I'm with inspiring and optimistic people.

. . . Summer is here.

. . . I make other people happy.

These are just some of the nice things that people tweeted under this hashtag. And I'm happiest when I can see the good in humanity; like today. At the mall (I rarely go to the mall, it's sort of sleazy), I was getting pizza and meatballs from Sbarro (it's the best). But my drink could not fit on the tray so I had to leave it and walk to the table and bring it back later. But the lady behind me got out of line and brought the rest of my food to the table and smiled. It was a small gesture, but it really made me happy because I was glad that someone would do that for me. When are you happiest?

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