17 June 2011

the legit ovation

Only 30 more posts until I reach 200!
Just thought we'd start out today with a little statistic - pretty exciting! That's really the only type of statistic you'll get here, because I don't do math.
But anyway, you might remember a couple months ago when I posted about the time I had a sitting ovation in AP lang because of my somewhat stellar essay. Well today, I got a real standing ovation.
I got a little award at practice today for filling in for the girl in the race last night and for winning, and in addition my coach said, "and let's give her a hand!" and everyone stood up and it was rather humbling.
Things like that are things that people who receive them, like me, really appreciate. So if you know someone who does something stellar, just shy of stellar, or beyond stellar, do something more than a half-hearted "wow!" and a muffled, generic "great job!". Because it makes them feel great and it makes you feel like a great person, which you are, because then it leaves you and the other feeling warm and fuzzy.
Sitting or standing, ovations are nice.

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