19 June 2011

to my dad

On mother's day, I made a post called "to my mom". So today, I'm making a post called "to my dad".
But if my dad was in my position, this post would be completely different. He lost his dad when he was just a kid and he had to take over and become the man of the house. And now he's a vice president, a soccer team manager, a hockey coach, a domestic traveler, an avid gardener/landscaper, a sports (hockey) fan, and my dad.
He's not home often because he has to travel (hence the "domestic traveler" in the list) for work, but when he's not traveling, coaching, or working, he's with me, my mom, and my brother and sister. And today was a great day because we got to spend time with him, and since he's not here that often, every moment counts.
Even though he's home a lot less than most of my friend's dads, I still have a dad and he's a great one - the best. He gives up everything for us. He gives up a life so he can work for us, and in his free time he coaches and helps us be better people.
I've been reading a lot of those "what my dad taught me" lists, so I thought I would compile some of the things he's taught me.

  1. Sit up straight - remember your posture! My dad is big into posture, and sometimes it's a little ridiculous (i.e. an airport official thanked him for his military service even though he's not in the military, based on his posture and stature), but it's true; I know a girl who had such bad scoliosis that she had to ave 2 rods and 17 screws put into her back.

  2. Go brush your teeth. He's also an avid tooth brusher - like 4 or 5 times a day; the man probably spends 20 minutes everyday brushing his teeth. But his teeth are perfect, and just like the posture thing, he's in better shape than most people his age. Actually all of the people his age - and younger. Take care of your body, because it's the only one you get. And a lot of people need to take that advice.

  3. Work hard, don't slack off, and do your best. My dad has always had to work hard, and he works really hard everyday for me, my family, and other people. Hard work is how you achieve what you want to achieve in the world, and it's how you get to where you want to be.

  4. Speak up (aka "don't be a doormat"). A lot of times I don't speak up for myself if I have a problem. But he says that the only way to make things happen, or to get what you want, is to speak up for yourself and don't let people step on you. And it works; you need to have respect for yourself and people will have respect for you.

  5. Believe in what you do. Have faith in your abilities, and trust that you are good at what ever you do.

Thanks, Pa. I love you.

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