15 June 2011

here's to us

Today the Boston Bruins beat the Vancouver Canucks to win the Stanley Cup. The last time the Bruins won was 1972, which was rather a long time ago.
We are hockey people in my family, especially my dad. I played hockey, my sister plays, and ironically my brother doesn't play. But needless to say, this was important to watch, even though no one really watches hockey here unless you're a hockey person.
The win wasn't like a 3-2 with 7 seconds left; it was a 4-0 with the last goal shot with about 5 minutes left. Tim Thomas didn't let anything by; that man literally is the god of Boston right now.
Sometimes people don't believe in Boston, i.e. the Red Sox before 2004. Sometimes we don't seem like the victorious team, but tonight is just to prove those non-believers wrong. And sometimes it's hard to stand by your team when they lose year after year. But my dad did for most of his life, and he got to see what he thought he never would.
This win is not just for the team; it's for all of Boston and all of its fans around the country and the globe. We believed. And we still believe. And every Bruins fan right now is basking in the glory.
Here's to the Bruins. Here's to Boston. Here's to us.

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