18 June 2011

family love

Tomorrow is Father's Day, and as you might notice, people don't make as much of a fuss about this celebratory day as they do about Mother's Day. Why, I don't know; I don't write the rules. But nevertheless I think that moms and dads are equally important for different reasons, and dads still have to be appreciated for who they are.
While you might think I am a studious person all the time, I do my fair share of celebrity gossip foolishness, mostly as I log into my email on Yahoo. So I was looking at a celebrity dad photo album with a bunch of famous dads in there, like Will Smith and David Beckham. And I was reading the comments, the corny, the rude, the nice, the ugly, and rarely, the thought-provoking.
I found one that said "enjoy your kids. They grow up so fast."
It might be obvious and somewhat trite and corny, but if you look past the corny-ness you can see that it's true both ways - we grow up fast so we have to enjoy our parents.
Moments like everyday life don't come again, and time is precious. Enjoy the company of each other today, because it might not be there forever.

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