20 June 2011

the target excursion

As the summer drones on, we find ways to keep ourselves occupied. And today was a shopping sort of day, and we went to Target and such. It was quite an adventure in Target.
My siblings scurried off and we had the whole staff at Target searching for them and calling for them on large intercoms that went through the whole store, except, evidently, the sections that they were in, because they just didn't know that when they called their names on the intercom, they were referring to them, and not some other people with the same names.
We found them a half an hour later, and luckily they were fine, just looking at electronics. We even had the camera guy contact the manager. It was intense.
After wreaking havoc on the whole store, we bought some miniature shampoo bottles and bug sprays for my trip, which is only 2 days away! We also found Häagen-Dazs ice cream bars, which are really a treat - original ice cream made from all-natural ingredients (chocolate, please) covered in a rich dark chocolate blanket of goodness and sparkles - and it's frozen. I also found a new fancy camera that I would like. It's fancier than my other one, but I still love that one. I'm taking it with me to capture the wonder of Costa Rica.

And the best part was at the checkout counter - they had vintage Tide detergent bottles - at least 35 - on display. I even took a stupid picture of myself with it. My brother got a picture with them too. Vintage detergent is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
And as we were leaving, I was so enraptured by the fancy camera that I left the money we got from pet sitting - thirty dollars - in Target. So I had to run back to Target and run through the aisles to find it. And luckily I found it after asking the same camera guy who assisted my wandering siblings. He probably thinks we're freaks now. And he's not wrong.
Life is about the small, quick, and seemingly insignificant things that give us a short but intense burst of pure, raw joy. Things like vintage detergent bottles, ice cream bars, and sprinting through stores like a freak. Things like that, the things that give us joy, are found in everyday life. You just have to look hard enough to find them.

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