25 May 2011

thank you, math

Today was the last day of math - liberation! But also we got something special from our teacher. The other day he had all of us right compliments for everyone in the class on the computer and he typed them all up.
My math class is, well, an experience. That's always how it is. I'm not in AP Calculus or even AP Statistics, so I'm stuck with, well, them. And sometimes when all you know about someone is well, bad things, writing them a compliment is hard. It's also hard when you don't even recognize the name or you say "There was a Joe in our class?"
So today we got all of them back and I was pleasantly surprised. I mean, some of them did say "well, I've never talked to you before, but you seem nice" or "you're smart and nice" or even "I think you're on the swim team, but I can't be sure", but you know, when you have a minute and a half to write something heartfelt about someone else, it's a little hard. Especially if you don't even know that person.
But I was pleased with all of them. A lot of them did say "put your hair down" in all caps, because my hair only serves one purpose (to be contained in a hair elastic), and there was this cluster of them that said something about me being a swimmer. Pretty sure they're from the "I really have no idea who this Megan girl is" people. but oh well, I said the same thing, like "I wish I got to know you better". Or at all.
One of them said that she "loved my nails" - I always paint them some color, at least once a week. Don't know it fits in my schedule. Another said something like "you're personality brightens my day like a light on a dark pond." I laughed, but it was nice.
Another said that I was cool, and that's "a good thing to have under your belt". Another said something about my drawings, and some others mentioned me being smart. I guess because I don't talk that much they assume I'm smart. Another said "I bet you're math grade brought up our GPA". I laughed.
Another one said they were glad that I was on this planet.
Then my math teacher wrote this nice note about facing the bumps in the road of life. It sounded like a huge text from my dad after I send out a mass text to everyone when I have a mid-teenage crisis.
You wouldn't expect something like that from my math class - especially from my math teacher. But it really makes me happy, and I'm glad that whoever wrote those things wrote them.

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