25 July 2011

crazy games and kid menus

Sometimes people think there is an exception to my blogging, like if I'm tired I won't do it, or if I'm at a hotel I won't do it. The only exception is if there is no Internet coverage, in which case I can't post anything. But I do post every night.
Including tonight, even though it's 1:30 in the morning and I'd much rather be asleep right now. The reason for my tardiness is because we went to the Red Sox game tonight at Fenway, one of my favorite places on earth. Baseball - actually the Red Sox and Fenway - sum up the epitome of happiness. The organ music, the action, the overpriced food, the yelling and laughing - it's all part of the wonderful experience.
Right now, the game is still going on - they're in the 14th inning as I blog - and we left at the 10th. Who knows how much longer it will continue . .
But every part of the game was fun, especially the people there - such dedicated fans who waited 2 extra hours in the cold rain waiting for their team to play, despite a rain delay. Fans who came from all over, clad in Red Sox spirit wear, cheering on everyone on the team even if they didn't play well.
Like they say, there's nothing like a Boston sports fan. Especially the Sox.
In addition, we went bowling today, and I won one of the games, which is incredibly surprising because I never win any games that involve throwing, pitching, hitting or catching a ball. I got 86 points. With bumpers. I play training wheels bowling. But I was still satisfied with my win.
And before that, we went to Friendly's - what an adventure that was! They thought I was a kid - surprise, surprise - and I got a 12 and under menu. Which also means I got a cool straw that changes colors - yes, changes colors - when you drink through it. What other place can change the color of plastic with liquid? It's amazing. I even got a Fribble - a real throwback, I hadn't had one since I was 3 - and it was just as good as I remember.

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