30 July 2011

deeper thoughts (car blog 3)

Hello folks. Sorry for the delay, it was crazy yesterday. We had a late start and left MA later, but we still got to the hotel, albeit late.
It was a sad morning, leaving a place I love to go home to summer reading and the impending stresses of school. But if I lived here, I wouldn't probably love it as much. It would be normal rather than magical to wake up to the ocean everyday. I'm just glad that I can get to see it and enjoy it like we did these last two weeks.
While I was in the car, I was doing some thinking. After all, we're in there for 12 hours both days, so we have a lot of time on our hands. And I was thinking about my blog post for today. And I was thinking about what I'm writing and what I'm writing for. And I realized that happiness is not a feeling as much as it is a lifestyle and an attitude. You don't have to wait for a happy moment to come along, you can go make one. You can change the way you live so that every moment is a happy one. You can make sure nothing rains on your parade and that you look at things in light and not darkness.

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