03 July 2011

free items and benadryl anti-itch spray

Sorry I have not updated my travel posts yet, we've just been having a wonderful time today!
You know the people who always win lotteries and raffles? And win great prizes? I would not be one of those people. But today, good things did come to our unlucky family.
But not without something unlucky. You see, my phone broke the second I got to Costa Rica (ok, not really the second, but close). I couldn't do anything except charge my phone, check the time, and make an emergency call to 911 in the US. Which is helpful when I'm not even in the country. So we went to AT&T today to fix the SIM card - the root of these shenanigans - and I realized I was eligible to get a new phone (!) and I had been eyeing this certain one for a while, so I got it! And the good part was that it was only $50, and a year ago it was almost $200. But the best part was that we got it - wait for it - for FREE! A free phone for me! Wow, rhyming and alliteration in one sentence. That's impressive rhetoric.
I picked out a Blackberry Torch - a white one, to be original - and you might ask why I didn't get an iPhone, and it was one, to be original, and two because I like pressing buttons. But I love it and I wouldn't trade it for any other.
Then we went to the shoe store to replace my beaten-up, mud-clad, manure-encrusted Livestrong sneakers, and as much as I loved them, they had to go. But we got even better ones that are blue and green. Two bold colors in one shoe. That's like having a milkshake and pasta in one meal. But in footwear form.
But it gets better! See, my family got me two little fishes for my tank because for about 6 months it's just been a tank mindlessly filtering water that housed moldy, decaying coral. But they died before I got back. So we went to the pet store and got a new one for only 16 cents! Talk about a bargain pet. His name is Rami, named after one of my favorite designers from Project Runway who sadly got eliminated but still went to fashion week. He (we're talking about my fish now) can also be called Vida, from pura vida, a Costa Rican phrase, and because Viva La Vida was playing when we left the store.
So that's the story of my wonderful free items - the shoes weren't free, but on sale - but I haven't told you the other half. So I have these horrible scars from bug bites all over my legs and I sort of look like a leper. It is really disgusting, and not a very good look. But my mom bought Benadryl anti-itch healing spray, and I have been using it all day. It's working wonders. The itching almost stops and the scars are going away.
So that's the final story of the day. Tomorrow hopefully I will have posted some Costa Rica posts so keep looking!

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