28 July 2011

everyone's a winner

I've been keeping a bucket list while I'm here so that I can do all the fun things we do when we're here and not forget anything. So tonight we went mini golfing at this place in Salem. We've been here countless times with cousins, by ourselves, for our birthdays and for other people's birthdays. It's even better now because they have go carts and what not. It's a party.
So the first best part is that we got another round of carts for free (it was an accident) and some fool's cart was broken, and we got extra laps because of the delay. It was great. I'm actually a pretty good driver on those things. If only real driving had 3 different straps holding you in and tires and cushions lining the roads. Then maybe I'd consider driving.
Afterwards we all went golfing, including my parents who usually hold the sweatshirts and the hats and the pencils and the scorecards, messily scribbling illegible scrawl on the cards as we frolic about and prance nonchalantly from hole to hole. My mom and dad traded off and each did nine holes. So we started off pretty good, but it was hard because of the wind, so we all did pretty bad. I was pretty sure I lost. But the ironic, twist of fate, rare, only-in-movies moment happened: me, my brother, and my sister all tied. We all got 61 strokes, and my mom and dad's team effort got them 67. Can you believe that? It's pretty rare. But tonight, everyone was a winner. You know, like in elementary school talent shows when we are all waiting to see the kid who jumped rope and pogo sticked simultaneously win, and then the principal comes out and praises everyone and says everyone's a winner? Yeah, kind of like that. But sometimes it's fun to have everyone win, and have everyone feel special.
And before all of these shenanigans, we went to downtown Marblehead and went to the little shops and looked around. It's almost like Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard - tons of places to look around, street vendors, tiny stores with fun trinkets - all only 15 minutes away. I was shocked - I had never seen anything this nice around here. I never knew that you could find amazing little streets like this if you just looked right outside where you are living. You don't need to go far to find treasures.

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