20 July 2011

deep waters and science

You might think by the title of this post that it was a bad, intense day. It was appropriately named "deep waters" because that's what we were in today. We went to my great aunt's pool in Beverly and they had a diving board and a deep end for treading water. Which we did. We had a treading contest and I won. By 2 whole hours. I could have gone longer, and I'm not kidding, and I do want to try going for a few hours. Yeah.
And then we went out to the greatest place ever for dinner - Polcari's - and then we played some insanely intense games of Othello with the cousins. You know it's intense when all you can hear are the flipping of the game pieces. Freaky quiet..
And now our other cousins are sleeping over, and in fact they are actually sleeping right now. I'm up with my pa, who's watching the Tour I believe. It's been a great time, just hanging out and having a fun time, doing fun things and occasionally worrying about school.
When we were in the car, my dad was talking about the advancement of aging-reversal technology. Scientists are working on slowing the process of mitosis so that cells can live longer and thus yield a greater life. We've already had a growth in centenarians in the past 20-something years, so I guess evolution has been working some magic too.
But nowadays, it's not can we do it, it's should we do it. There are too many people saying no to this research for all sorts of reasons, but one of them is something not political, medical, or even moral, really. If we could reverse aging and make it so that humans could live for 150 years or more, then we would naturally not take everything as seriously as before because we have so much longer to live (excluding any extraneous unaccounted-f0r data, like accidental deaths). If we knew we had 60 more years that normal life expectancy to do things, we wouldn't stop to smell the roses nearly as often.
I once heard that things are most beautiful when time is fleeting. We can't always know when our time will come, but we can always remind ourselves to treat everything like it will only happen once. Knowing that we don't have forever makes things seem even more amazing than they are.

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