27 July 2011

old ones, new ones

One of my favorite things to do is reminisce. A lot of times I revive myself with the energy from memories of the past. I almost live vicariously through a past version of my own self. I always say "remember when we all went to that place and we--" and then I get cut off because someone finishes the story, usually because I have already told it.
My best friend's birthday was a few days ago, and since she was away, we had her over at the beach today for fun and games and then we went to dinner and ice cream. It was most wonderful, but one of the best parts was when we went back to her house and walked around the familiar rooms, laughing at things we did before and laughing at things from our childhood. I pretty much lived in her house a lot of the time, and she lived at mine for a lot of the time too, and we share so many memories from those times. I've known her for almost 13 years; we met when I was 4. We've had countless sleepovers and parties, days spent together at the beach, on vacation, in the snow, at my house, at her house.
And when I moved, we changed, but not in a bad way. We have even better stories to remember and memories to cherish. Life's about remembering the small things, but at the same time seizing the moment to make even more memories. Hold onto the past, but don't let it take over right now. Because it's the "right now" moments that make memories.

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