26 July 2011

give it a chance

Greetings from the beach!
Sometimes, we think we are sort of invincible. Like I think that I can't get sunburned. But sometimes we're wrong, and we get sunburned. Sometimes I think I should put sunscreen on, but then I just decide not to. Sometimes some people never learn.
This morning it was cold and cloudy, which was disappointing because me and 4 of our cousins were here, as well as my aunt and uncle, and we wouldn't be able to enjoy the beach.
But the thing is, even though we were the only ones on the beach, we stayed. And we waited it out, and eventually the sun came out and no clouds were in the sky. It turned into an amazing beach day. A lot of times if things aren't going as planned, we are too quick to judge them and we don't give anything a chance. Like last night at the baseball game when it rained - we could have left, but we all stayed and it turned out to be great. You just have to wait a little, and things can turn themselves around. Sometimes that's the best thing to do.
And after the beach we went out to one of my favorite restaurants, Bertucci's, and had a great time. Everyday here just seems to get better than the one before, which seems hard to do. And I have a hard time picking out the best parts of the day because every part is so great to me. Everything leaves me feeling content and eager for the next day. But arrivederci until tomorrow!

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