07 July 2011

laugh a little, take 2

190th post! And it seems like just yesterday I was making a big fuss about the 100th . .
Sometimes some of my friends will ask me how to write things, like a good story or a dialogue or something of the sort. Even an essay. And here is a trick to remember: if you are physically writing, don't erase anything, and if you are typing, don't delete anything. When I write these little posts here, sometimes - actually most of the time - I will think something in my head, then write it, then realize it's not what I meant to say, then I will just keep writing. I actually just did it when I said "sometimes - actually most of the time". It makes it seem more conversational, especially with a dialogue, like in a fiction piece.
Sometimes people ask me who reads my blog. And the answer is pretty much no one. Except for my mom, my dad (sometimes), and my grandma, who right now is in the wilderness where there is no Wifi (go figure).
By the way, don't just never erase / delete; there is one instance in which it's ok, like typos and spelling errors. I hope you don't make typos when you handwrite though, like writing "hte" instead of "the", because that would mean you're sort of a robot.
So there you go.
Well, let's get down to business.
So sometimes, it's good to act like a freak because it shows that you can have fun. Like tonight when I was making stupid faces in the mirror. And then I took a picture of my new fish, Rami. And then my sister came in and before you know it, we were all posing and looking ridiculous and laughing our heads off. but sort of quietly because it was 11pm, but it was still fun.
It's important to act ridiculous sometimes because if you are always a cold, serious person then you aren't really living life. Because people need to be happy, laughing is a great way to do it.

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