14 July 2011

darling's demise and my new surprise

When someone says that they have good news and bad news, it's customary to say the good news first and the bad news last. That way people aren't completely upset at the end.
We don't work the way normal people do here at the blog. We're going to do things the opposite way. So, the bad news. I was working on Darling today, and all of a sudden one of the building walls completely collapsed. The end. It was over. I burst into tears and everything got blurry and one cannot sculpt with blurred vision.
But then I picked up the water and my cup of slip, and I started repairing Darling's building. After an hour, it was finally back to normal, and I had finished the sculpture. At last.
And now onto the good news: I had been wanting this camera for a while, and even though I have one, this one was like an upgrade. And since I want to do photography as perhaps a career, learning about different types of cameras is very important. And so today, I got that camera. My dad picked me up from the tutor, and there it was in the backseat. I have never been so happy. The day before we leave town, and my dad bought me the camera. I am technically going to pay for it though, if I get money for my birthday.
So after we got home and I put on the lens and read a minimal amount of instructions, I went outside and started to take pictures of things. Trees, flowers, grass, the sky, people, people jumping off swings, and anything else I could find. I had so much fun trying out different modes on the camera and seeing what effects it had on the picture. It's cool to see how something so small, well pretty small, can take such an amazing picture that is better than what human eyes can see. A feast for the eyes.
I completely did not realize how epic the title of today's post rhymes. It's pretty supernatural.

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