02 July 2011

reverse culture shock

Finally I get to blog for real tonight, because now I have a steady source of Wifi that will not go away in a couple of minutes! I just got back from Costa Rica tonight, and I am going to update the placeholder posts tomorrow, since I know that some are waiting with bated breath to read the things I have to share.
The best part about coming back was the reverse culture shock. The "woah!" at simple things that normally didn't catch my attention. For example, walking into the air-conditioned airport. That was a crazy one. First of all, there is no AC anywhere in La Cruz except for our bus, and a fine layer of sweat, dust, and general grime rested nicely over the most superficial layer of epidermis most of the time. It was cool to not sweat for a while. Until I remembered we had landed in Georgia, which is not exactly the Arctic Circle.
Another thing was technology. I was completely deprived for my time away because one, the Wifi did not work, and two, Wifi aside, my phone broke (not an Internet problem) and I couldn't call, text, email, or anything. Except charge it. And check the time. Those are always fun alternatives to texting and calling.
But I really didn't need them. I didn't need to text people, nor did I need to see that nothing really happens when you go on Facebook once a week rather than every 5 minutes. I was actually living life the way people should live it - in the moment, worrying about things that are happening, and not getting caught up in gossipy details.
Also, showering was something really nice that I forgot about. It was hot and the pressure was perfect. It was utter bliss.
It's really easy to be happy when you think about all the simple things that we do that are so much better quality than what other people have. I thought that coming back to the US would be really intense because of the things I had missed - but it was a perfect wake-up call to all the things I never appreciated before.


  1. Hey Megan, it's Ryuka. I hope you remember me, and if you don't, that's cool. Anyways, just saw your info page on Facebook and I decided to check out your blog and it's really great! Great is probably the most generic adjective I could ever use, but it fits. Okay, well I hate commenting on stuff because when I reread them, it always sounds awkward and makes me wish I never commented in the first place, but just wanted to tell you my simple opinion of your blog.

  2. Megan,

    Insigtful post. Periodically try to remind yourself of how you felt this day.