13 July 2011


I can't believe I'm only 4 posts away from 200! Seems like the 100th post was just hier..
This morning I got up early and walked around the neighborhood, and then at 9am I worked on my sculpture until noon. It's now almost complete. All I need to do now are the tedious suction cups. The 5mm diameter suction cups on each tentacle..I'll be there for a while..
But on Friday morning we will begin our road trip to BOSTON! 12 hours on day one, 11 hours on day two. It's a great time.
So my sculpture. I decided to name it. Well, just the octopus. Her name is Darling. I don't know why I named her darling, but that's her name. She's climbing up a foot long building and it looks smashing. Except it's not done. But it will be!
I'm just really happy with how it's coming out and how close it looks to what I wanted it to be. In my mind, it's easy for zany images to get in there, but actually turning them into something you can physically touch is more difficult.
I also realized that some of my "techniques" didn't work. I really should have made them both separately, and then connected them, instead of keeping them connected the whole time. But what's done is done, and there isn't anything I can really do about it now. But I'll keep a note of it for next time.
Life's like that too. We make a mistake, and then we remember never to do it again. Like not bringing new shoes to Costa Rica. And not wearing pants in Costa Rica.
But life's about learning. That's your art life lesson for today.

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  1. On the Beatles Album "Abbey Road" the sond "Octupus's Garden" comes right after "Oh Darling" so maybe that is why you thought of it?
    -Aunt Alison