15 July 2011

scarves, car mechanics, and youthful antics (aka car blog 1)

Hello folks! Welcome to my first ever car blog! I'm starting now at 3pm because I'm not leavin' this car for a while and I have nothing to do. I am a little limited for car entertainment because I feel nasty when I read or play video games in the car, and also it's too bumpy to write anything either. I either lie in an uncomfortable position, listen to music, host dance parties, or talk endlessly to people who'd rather not listen.
But anyway, I decided to start now. I'm doing this from my phone actually, but the battery might run out, so I'll finish later.
And now it's later. In fact, 12:02 later. Just thought you'd like to know that that was the first blog post I have ever done on a non-computer device. Pretty rad. TQ4H is going mobile! In case you didn't know, that's a new acronym for my blog. It's not a chemistry formula, as might be a common misconception.
This morning at 7:30 we left the house to drop off our precious cat at the vets and I cried all the way home. I'm going to miss that precious cat (whom I call Precious, among other things). I've never left him for this long, and it's hard to leave someone that you love so much. But I guess it happens to all of us at some time, so we just have to accept it.
We left the house later than we hoped, and then we realized - I was actually not a part of this realization - that the car battery was almost dead. Isn't that great news to hear before leaving on a Transatlantic journey. So we drove for an hour then found a car mechanic and we all got out for 30 minutes to have them fix it.
I was wearing this scarf I bought in Oxford, and surprisingly it was only 65 degrees today, so I wasn't sweating in it. So me and my brother played useless, waste-of-time games while we waited and we had a ridiculous amount of fun even though we were in a car mechanic in the middle of nowhere and we had a scarf for entertainment. We were having fun, and fun comes in all shapes.
Plus, these are the things that you look back on and say "hey, remember when we were driving home and we had to stop at that mechanic?" And in this family we do a lot of remembering and reminiscing. We live in the past a lot, and sometimes we end up in tears and barely breathing from laughter and memories.
We laughed our way through the car trip, until the end when we went to McDonalds and got depressed by the general depressing nature of news. But these are the good old days, as they say, and adventures are not just about the destination; they're also about the journey itself.

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