07 October 2011


Cupcakes are sort of the epitome of happiness.
Just the word cupcake makes people happy. Who doesn't want a small cake all to themselves? If I had a dollar for every time I found someone who didn't like cupcakes, well, I wouldn't have very many dollars.
I went cupcaking (bloggers can make up their own words) with my friend today at this cupcakery. Well, you could have probably figured that out. It's not like I cupcaked at a jelly bean factory. My friend had never been to this fine establishment, and thus I had to show her. And I got the biggest, chocolatest cupcake you can ever fathom. And it was so scrumptious that I wanted to get another one. But then I would look like a big pig who likes cupcakes, which I suppose is not the worst thing to be. But sometimes, nothing beats a cupcake. And sometimes all we really need in life is a cupcake; something small and sweet that brightens our day in some sort of way.
That rhymed. Rhyming is so much fun.
I decided I am going to buy my AP bio teacher a plant, since we are talking about photosynthesis in class. I'm contemplating between a local farm and Home Depot. It's hard because I love Home Depot; in fact it's my favorite store usually. But I might just want to go local and save the economy. I hope the plant can be his cupcake.

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