01 October 2011

a starry night

Sometimes there are just those days when everything seems to work out and it turns out great. Other than having to take the SAT, today was such a fun day.
Today was in fact my last time taking the SAT. Never again will I have to think about it or study for it. Because no matter what, it's over. And what a great feeling it was to hear them say "please pick up your belongings and leave the test site". Good times in the various testing facilities.
Afterwards, me and my friend were driving around looking for a place to have lunch, so we went to this fancy place and we got to sit at a fancy table and eat really great food - like handmade pasta and the works. It's ridiculously good stuff.
And tonight I went to my friend's house for her birthday, and we went in her hot tub in the backyard and stared up at the sky. It was filled with stars. Just like the night in Costa Rica when I was staring at the stars looking at the infinite amounts of gas bubbles in the atmosphere, lighting the earth from every corner. It was simply wonderful, sitting together with friends, in a hot tub, looking at the stars. It's hard to think that some of the most beautiful things are the everyday things. When you stop and look, the world's a beautiful place.

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