03 October 2011

find your construction adhesive

It really was a terrible disaster.
I was passing the time in AP lit when the unthinkable happened: my plaster sculpture toppled over and shattered. All of my work and effort for nothing. It was broken. And no matter what adhesives you put on it, it will never be a strong as it was before it was broken.
I sort of went into a post-traumatic shock. This was just one of those "worst case scenarios" form a nightmare. But no, five minutes later I was in my art class, explaining the recent catastrophe to my teacher. Luckily she was just as sad as me, and we applied some construction adhesive to the wounds.
Now we just have to wait.
I guess the lesson is you can never be prepared for everything, but you can keep your cool when bad things do happen. Just pick up the pieces to your plaster foam sculpture and figure out how to fix it. Find the construction adhesive for your life.

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